Laura has been a personal trainer since 2001 and believes personal training is a team effort. Laura’s personal training includes mid-week check-ins and personalised workouts for you to do between sessions. Whether your goal is to fit into a pair of old jeans or train for a marathon, Laura believes accountability is key to forming a strong, successful partnership.

Her personal training sessions are tough, effective and fun. She’ll show you moves-with-a-twist that blitz problem areas in double-time; she’ll help you discover your inner runner/kickboxer/weightlifter, and if eating’s your problem, Laura’s system will help you fix it for good.

So if you’re suffering with an expanding waistline, a lack of motivation, or just an absence of exercise know-how, Laura’s confident she can help.

To discuss working with Laura, email her at or call her on 07712 001525 for a no obligation consultation.

Fitness professionals such as Williams specialise in prescribing realistic eating plans and exercise regimes that are tailored to individual body shape and lifestyle, rather than towards the holy grail of a perfect body.

Health & Fitness magazine

I’ve got a personal trainer called Laura, who I work with three times a week. She looks like a tiny Barbie and is ferocious.

Vanessa Feltz

Laura is great and she really understands, and is very realistic about what is achievable for me.

Lauren Goodger

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